The Story of Sharp Thing

On a Saturday night May 23, 1998 Scott (21), Seth (17) and John Twomey (23) would perform at On Common Ground at 42 Union Street South, Concord, NC. Scott & John’s band NEMO and Seth’s band Margo hadn’t merged yet under the name NEMO, that would not happen until 1999. The year before this show in the May issue of Faze 3 magazine in an interview for their band Level which was the previous name of the first NEMO band. Scott and John talked about wanting to play some acoustic shows  and in this interview Scott says “ I’d love to write stuff like Doc Watson. Folksy , fingerpicking shit. I totally dig it man”. They would soon start having acoustic jam session and playing some shows but before deciding on the Avett Bros name in 2001 they tried out a few names and one of them being Sharp Thing.


Sharp Thing was a game Scott and Seth made up and played when they were kids. While in the back seat during long car rides Scott and Seth took turns poking each other other with blunt objects. The objects got progressively sharper and the first one to break the skin won. The Sharp Thing name would not stick around, they would eventually use the name NEMO for both the hard rock and acoustic bands. The would distinguish the two by listing the acoustic band as NEMO -  old time show or at a show at Peasants in Greenville they went by NEMO:The Back Porch Project.

5:23:98 sharp thing tape 5:23:98 - sharp thing side b

Old Time NEMO Avett Coffee Shop

SSJ twomey  house mebane nc coffee

NEMO: Back Porch Project

cover list


“We are sharp thing I’m Scott, my brother Seth , dear friend John Twomey. thanks for coming out y’all whether  you came out for us or the coffee were glad you got a chance to check us out. I hope you enjoy the music”


 One Day  - An original written by Seth in 1994. “ It’s about girls who don’t deserve you” Seth

 You Ain’t Going Nowhere - Bob Dylan cover 

 Autumn Leaves - Jim Avett Cover. Autumn Leaves and Signs were two of the 10 songs Jim recorded        in 1974. The Avett Brothers last played Autumn Leaves live on 8/5/07 Pickathon

 Looked on Walls - Scott wrote this song in 1996, Seth helped him finish it later

 God Who Saves - Original written by Scott 

Nothing - Original Song

Tomorrow’s My Someday - Original written by Scott

Don’t Follow - Alice in Chains cover 

Brother Wayne is in Heaven Now - Written by Seth & Kenny Graham.  Kenny joins them to play this song. Brother Wayne is in Heaven Now was written for a friend who passed away on January 1, 1998.  Kenny Graham was the bass player in Margo and NEMO when the two bands merged and was also guitar player in Oh What a Nightmare. He also appears on some Darling songs. Brother Wayne is in Heaven now  was recorded and appears on the second Self titled NEMO album.

Blue Railroad Train - Learned this song from Doc Watson. Written by The Delmore Brothers  

The Ain’t Home to Me - Original they wrote early in the day and practiced 30min before the show. They play this song again at the end of the set to try to work it out. Recently they did the same thing with Spell of Ambition, writing the song and then performing it that night  

Taylor - Written by Scott and appears on the first NEMO album so is that of man

Amie -  written by Craig Fuller co founder of Pure Prairie League 

Sweet Home Alabama -  Lynyrd Skynyrd cover 

What Do I Do? - Original song

Gone Away - Original song

Come Home - Original written by Scott,Seth & John. Come Home stuck around on the set list for awhile  and  was listed as an original in the first Avett Bros press kit form 2001. 

Signs - Jim Avett Cover would eventually be recorded for the album Mignonette

Now I’m Nobody - Original song

This Ain’t Home to Me - Original