“If you're a musician, that's a night to work.” - Bob Crawford

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What would become an annual event began at the Neighborhood Theater. Located in Charlotte, NC, built in 1945 as a movie theater and converted to a live music venue in 1997. On a Friday night you could ring in 2005  for $15 adv/$20 at the door. The first Avett Bros New Year’s Eve would begin at 9PM.  You could purchase Live Vol. 2 CD  for the first time and a special poster designed for the night by Scott Avett which would include an appearance by Dane Honeycutt on a poster. Just About to Burn and Danille Howe would open the show with the Avett Bros to follow which would include party favors and a Champagne toast at midnight while watching the ball drop at midnight on a 25ft movie screen. 

2005 NYE


Held once again at the Neighborhood Theater with openers The Truck Stop Preacher and Menage. The 2005 NYE show would sell out in early December. The show would be a family affair as they would continue to be through out the years with Bonnie singing on Swept Away, Sarah Avett playing violin on Pretty Girl at the Airport and Jim Avett joining his sons for Build me a Cabin. A setlist filled with songs from Mignonette and the soon to be released Four Thieves Gone

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2006 NYE print copy


The 2006 sold out NYE show would be their last show at the 956 capacity Neighborhood Theater. The Everybodyfields and Lemont Skylark would open the show.  This show would also be Joe Kwon’s first NYE show. Several songs form the forthcoming album Emotionalism would be on the setlist including Die Die Die, The Weight of Lies and Pretty Girl from Chile. Walking for You, When I Drink and In the Curve also made the set list 

“Ahhh ... well, we always put out a bigger effort for the posters and we're always putting out new designs for the merchandise for people that already have so many things can be excited about it. We always wear tuxedos ... no, not always” Scott Avett


 The Belk Theater in Charlotte would host the 2007 NYE show, NC. The sold out show was packed with 2000 plus fans. Opening the show was Langhorne slim who along with Paleface and Mo joined the Avett’s for a cover of Willie Nelson’s On the Road Again, the crowd would sing along to Paranoia and Scott would find himself balancing on the PA kicking up his feet. They would play the acoustic part of Pretty Girl from Chile then after the countdown play the electric finish. Scott was also in a hurry to get this show over with cause his wife Sarah was sick. They would end up going to the hospital, this experience would inspire the song St. Joseph’s.

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The Belk Theater once again would be the site of a NYE show. 2008 was a big year with the Avett Bros signing to a major label and recording an album with Rick Rubin. Two songs from I and Love and You would find themselves on the set list. Laundry Room and I and Love and You, both would be mainstays during the coming years. Other highlights include a cover of Natural Woman and Keep on the Sunny Side.


2009’s NYE show would be the first time it was held outside of Charlotte. The Asheville Civic Center would be the site of this year’s NYE show.  A set list with 8 songs from the 2009 release I and Love and You along with the Zombies cover This will be our year. You could also pick up the rerelease of the first two Darling CD’s released the day before. 

2009 NYE

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For the second year in a row the NYE show would be held at the Asheville Civic Center. It was broadcast on sirus spectrum radio. This was the first year Scott did not do a poster/print for the NYE show, it was done by Status Serigraph. A great cover of Sam Cooke’s Cupid to start the show and the first ever performance of The Once and Future Carpenter making the set list. A wonderful show which included Bonnie on Swept Away and Jim on Walking to Jerusalem. 


The first NYE show to be held outside of North Carolina would be at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, SC. Scott would be back making a print for this year’s show. A setlist that included 9 songs from I and Love and You along with Bonnie on a cover of Single Girl/Married Girl.

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12:31:12 Scott


Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC would be the site for 2012 NYE show. The band who now includes Mike Marsh and Paul Defiglia were dressed in all white designed by Elise Fife. Kicking off the show with Head Full of Doubt behind a curtain with it dropping as the song builds. Seth and Bob perform Jim Croce’s Operator, the rocking Kick Drum Heart and would close the show with I and Love and You. 

12:31:13 SEth


This NYE show would see the Brothers return to Charlotte, NC at the Time Warner Arena. This NYE show will probably be most remembered for a giant disco ball falling from the ceiling and crashing into part of the stage before the show. Thankfully no one was hurt. The band this time dressed in all black and would include Tania Elizabeth on fiddle for her first NYE show as a member of the band. A show that would include the only performance so far of The Clearness is Gone and closed with Seth singing bass on Goodnite Sweetheart. You could also pick up a copy of Four Thieves Gone on white vinyl or get Seth’s first ever Avett Bros concert poster. Scott made the VIP Poster

12:31:14 Scott


Raleigh, NC would host the 2014 NYE show at PNC Area. Once again dressed by Elise Fife in all black they would kick of the show with Satan Pulls the Strings as each member came to the stage from a different part of the arena. Along with Bonnie and Jim making apperences, Ramin Karimloo joins the brothers on Bring Him Home and Happy Trails.  This show would be released as Live Vol. 4 on CD/DVD with Herbie Abernethy AKA Valient Himself as Father Time who sings on The Boys are Back in Town.


The Greensboro, NC would host the 2015 Avett's NYE show at the Greensboro Coliseum.  No matching cloths this time around but Father Time would reappear to go along with the 29 song set. Satan Pulls the Strings and Divorce Separation Blues from True Sadness would be played along many with classics. Die Then Grow found its way on the setlist after not being played for years and reappearing a few times in 2015. Six covers were played including Time is on our side and Tom Petty's Don't do me like that. The show poster was done by Jeremy Okai Davis and VIP poster by Kat Lamp. 

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CHARLOTTE, NC Bojangles' Coliseum w/DJ Logic