November Blue

Director: Joel Bowers / Cinematographer: Joe Comick

Talk on Indolence

Director: Tim Nackashi with Crackerfarm

Released: 6/30/06 

Footage taken from Merlefest  and sold out show at lincoln theater Raleigh NC

Paranoia in Bb Major

Director: Crackerfarm

Released: 1/9/08


Die Die Die

Created by Tim Nackashi

Murder in the City

Director: Crackerfarm

Shot in 2008 at a house in Malibu CA that they were staying in during the recording of I and Love and You

I and Love and You

Director: Crackerfarm

Released: 9/24/09

Shot at the Neighborhood Theater 

Behind the Scenes

Slight Figure of Speech

Director: Jody Hill

Released on 11/23/09 

Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise

By: Jason Ryan Mitcham

Released: 7/13/10

Rather than make a bunch of different paintings for the animation, Mitcham gradually altered a single painting 26-hundred times. Ten alterations to the painting equaled one second of film.


Kick Drum Heart

By Crackerfarm 

Released: 12/25/10

Live and Die

Director: Phil Andelman

Released: 9/14/12

February Seven

Directed by Danny Clinch 

Released: 3/6/13

Shot at Cline’s Country Antiques in Mount Pleasant, NC

I Never Knew

Director: Crackerfarm

Pretty Girl from Michigan

Video by: Crackerfarm

Another is Waiting Lyrics 

Another is Waiting

Director: Scott Avett

Released: 10/3/13

Morning Song

Director: Michael Bonfiglio

Producer: Judd Apatow

Released: 3/5/14

Bring Your Love to Me

Video By: Hobey Ford

Released: 10/27/14

The puppets were operated and videoed in real-time, using the ancient art of shadow puppetry.

Ain't No Man

Directed by Scott Avett

Released: 5/13/16


No Hard Feelings 

Directed by Seth Avett & Adam Rothlein

Released: 11/18/16