"I've written some songs that I wouldn't subject the Avett Brothers to playing". "We all have our own stories, you know, and we all have a collective story, which is the Avett Brothers band. My solo projects are my stories, you might say.”

Timothy Seth Avett as Darling - To Make the World Quiet 

Recorded: Winter of 2001
Released: CD Self Released in early 2002
Re-Released: December 30, 2009

Ramseur Records RR2733

1. Snow is Falling
2. The Joys of...
3. Blessed
4. The New Life, Part 1
5. Heavens Windowsill
6. Rapture & Smoke
7. A Fine Melody
8. The New Life, Part 2
9. Walkin the Line
10. The First Big Snow

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To Make the World Quiet was recorded in 2001. Written, Recorded, Produced by Seth Avett except A Fine Melody which was written by Scott & Seth. Kenny Graham formally of Margo & NEMO plays bass on Walkin the Line and Electric guitar lead on The First Big Snow. The end of The First Big Snow contains parts of the movie Edward Scissorhands.  All other instruments were performed by Seth and recorded on a 4 track cassette recorder in Jim’s workshop which is also where the first Avett Bros Cd was recorded. Seth lived in the apartment above the workshop and he mixed the songs in his kitchen.  The original cd’s were burned and Seth hand made the album artwork. The 2010 Reissue was transferred from cassette tape by Doug Williams at Electromagnetic Radiation Recorders and mastered by Brent Lambert. 

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“See, all of the songs I’ve done are kind of an exorcism of sadness, kind of using the writing of the record and the recording of the record to kind of get past the real difficult part of my life.”

Timothy Seth Avett as Darling - Killing the Headlamps

Released:  March 5, 2003 CD Self Released
Re-Released: December 30, 2009

Ramseur Records RR2734

1. Awaiting the Flood
2. Brakelights
3. Cheap Rum
4. Some Bad Dream
5. For All the Times
6. Captain
7. The Lights Went Out
8. The Teal Dream
9. Sonata in C Major #1
10. Bella Donna
11. Getting US All
12. Carolyn Sells

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Killing the Headlamps was recorded in the summer of 2002 in Seth’s apartment, a practice room in downtown Concord, NC and in the Rowe Art Building at UNC Charlotte. All songs were written and performed by Seth Avett. The original hand made release only had 11 tracks cause Breaklights and Cheap Rum were one track. Recorded on a 4 track cassette recorder, mixed in his kitchen and released with hand made artwork by Seth . The 2010 Reissue was transferred from cassette tape by Doug Williams at Electromagnetic Radiation Recorders and mastered by Brent Lambert.

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"On the record there are these 3 snowflakes, the name of the record is the mourning the silver the bell. The 3 snowflakes in a way are speaking on 3 stages of life, 3 stages of tragedy and processing tragedy. The idea of the mourning the silver the bell was applying these thoughts to heartbreak. I’ve learned since then there are a lot of other kinds of tragedies. The mourning being the realization that something tragic has happened, The sliver representing something that catches your eye, something thats flashy, maybe seem like a way out of the tragedy but maybe its just on the surface . The bell meaning clarity"

Timothy Seth Avett as Darling - The Mourning, The Silver, The Bell

Released: March 18, 2005 

Ramseur Records RR2713

1. The Mourning, The Silver, The Bell
2. This Night Here
3. I Can’t Remember
4. Guilty
5. A Moment of Clarity
6. Intro, Rain, Approach
7. I Don’t Care Sincerely
8. Sounds of the Season Ending
9. Ballad in Open D
10. Mama and the Future
11. About Love
12. Healing Continued
13. Be on My Side
14. In Your Light
15. Forgiving Me
16. Outro, Rain, Exit
17. Rain on My Tin Roof

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The mourning, the silver, the bell was written, recorded, produced and performed by Seth Avett with additional engineering by Doug Williams at Electromagnetic Radiation Recorders. Released on Ramsuer Records on March 18, 2005. Kenny Graham of NEMO and Margo plays electric guitar on In Your Light and Guitar Lead on Mama and the Future. You can download a demo version of the mourning, the silver, the bell song here.

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Timothy Seth Avett as Darling - IV

Released: March  31, 2017

Ramseur Records RR251288

1. Disappointing You 
2. Should We Move
3. Samuel and the Baler
4. Songbird
5. A Weakness and a Strength
6. Faith Undefined 
7. Your World
8. Are You Thinking of Me
9. In Those Boots
10. My True Story/A Life to Live
11. Waiting for Something to Die

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Written and produced by T.S. Avett
Recorded and mixed by Danny Kadar
Recorded at Echo Mountain Recording Studios in Asheville NC
Assisted by Clay Miller
Digital mastered by Dave Collins
Vinyl mastered by Jeff Powell at take out vinyl

Timothy Seth Avett: All Vocals , piano, guitar, xylophone, rhodes piano, upright bass on waiting for something to die and weakness is strength

Paul Difiglia: upright bass
Malachi delorenzo: Drums
Tania Elizabeth: Violin / Fiddle

Cover and back cover photographs by Crackerfarm
Layout and graphic design by Chris Eselgroth and T.S.avett
Inner sleeve photograph by T. S. Avett 

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Timothy Seth Avett as Darling - Live

To all who came out this past weekend (March 18,19)for the Darling shows, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks. Performing those songs was quite an experience, as I have planned to do so for a few years, but until now, never found the time (or perhaps the required amount of nerve)to make it happen. I was very fortunate to have so many good people come out and lend their ears. For those of you who were so kind as to buy "the mourning, the silver, the bell", I hope you enjoy it. The shows were a pleasure for me, and I'm sure we'll do it again some time in the future. Until then, thanks again to you all, and we will see you out there on the open road...
Timothy Seth Avett

Seth played two shows for the album release of the mourning, the silver, the bell at the Old Courthouse in Concord,NC on March 18,19 2005. The show featured appearances by Nicole Atkins, Scott Avett and Kenny Graham. A poster was designed by Scott Avett. These are the only two Darling shows there have been.

Setlist for the March 19 2005 Show

1.   Sonata in C
2.   Snow is Falling
3.   Blessed
4.   Some Bad Dream
5.   Awaiting the Flood
6.   Breaklights
7.   Bella Donna
8.   Snow on My Tin Roof
9.   The Lights Go Out
10.   Ballad in Open D
11.   Rapture and Smoke
12.   I Walk the Line
13.   Love Gets Us All
14.   My Teal Dream
15.   Forgiving Me
16.   In Your Light

Timothy Seth Avett as Darling - Demos 

1. Snow is Falling (recorded 11/19/02)

2. Rapture and Smoke  (guitar)

3. Walking the Line ( recorded 10/26/02, missing final verse) 

4. At least til the morning (Heavens Windowsill  demo) 

5. I am Cold (the joys of demo)


“It’s November 19th its been snowing for about 8 hours now. Its about 4 o’clock and its absolutely beautiful outside beautiful beautiful beautiful day”

Demo versions of songs that appear on the album To Make the World Quiet. All songs are just Seth singing with guitar except I am cold which is Seth on piano.